A Truly Easy, Cheap and Pronto DIY Project.

I’m a massive fan of Ikea Hackers. If you haven’t seen the website you should defo check it out. Ikea stuff can be quite boring and similar, and any veterans like myself can spot any Expedit unit or Hemnes bed in any film. Some of the refurnishing on there is genius, and today I thought I’d share with you guys my cheaters attempt of this hack I saw the other day – without the need for drills, nuts and bolts!


Cost: £

Effort: 0

Skill: 0

Time: 5 minutes + Drying

You’ll need

A Stool


IKEA Marius, £3.49



Argos, £3.99

12″ Vinyl

Attic, Charity Shop, Yer Dad etc. Practically free.

Strong Glue

Your office, Poundland, Yer Dad etc. Practically free.

(Obviously, PVA isn’t much good – it’s merely for imagery, but a hot glue gun would be fantastic)

First thing to say is, the idea came from Ikea hackers, and while we do own 2 Maritus stools, they’re white and probably won’t look so good. The stools used in this post are from Argos.

This is really dead simple.

1) Get your stool.


2) Add Glue


3) Place Vinyl on top


4) Weigh that motha’ down.


Related note: Happy Birthday Gamecube! Who said consoles wouldn’t still be used 10 years later. >_>

5) After a few hours, you stool is ready for bums!

Wahey! 😀


Deer oh deer. Another stag-nant pun. lololol.

As I mentioned in a pervious post I wasnted some hooks to hang coats on in the wardrobe and to fill up some empty wall space. I had planned on some white rose ones from Laura Ashley, but aside from them being sold out, I didn’t want to end up with a ‘vintage tea party’ house as they’re all looking a bit same-y these days. And I still have a man to please. Today I picked up these two star hooks for £2 each in a charity shop in the west end.

The charity shop that just happens to contain the entire contents of the Urban Outfitters sale. I showed some real self restraint by not buying more, though I will almost certainly be back tomorrow for some boots for a tenner and a root around the huge bag of goodies they hadn’t put out yet.

Here’s how they look after a bit of DIY.

Perfect for accessories

Or as intended, hanging coats.

Being a simple screw fitting they’re easy to install and I’ll be taking them with me to the next house too. I don’t think they cost much more in UO, but their current range, as well as in Laura Ashley and B&Q and such hasn’t really impressed me. But frankly I’m just happy to get it off this job off the to-do list!

A New Delivery

After getting a telling off at the Clinique counter for not using a foundation brush, I had for a long time been looking for one that was reasonably priced (I’m not paying £20 for a brush from them as a student, given the percent of student loan they already take off me) and had good reviews. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about EFL cosmetics and their brushes and I thought for £1.50 I’d give it a go.

First thing to say.


Okay, I’m no enviro-freak or whatever, but there’s simply no need for that much. I bought 2 brushes in total. I shouldn’t have to collect them from the sorting office because the package doesn’t fit through the letterbox. (Mind  – the extra bubblewrap came in handy for stuffing boots with so they don’t go all lop-sided in the corridor, and the box is re-usable/recyclable but that’s not really the point) It’s not like they came from Amazon. Delivery was a little slow, and I find £4 cost for tiny items a little excessive.

As you can see, the individual brushes have nice packaging, the handles look professional and the brushes look slightly better than those you’d find in Poundland. (My powder brush totally isn’t one of thiers >_>) I ordered the foundation brush to start, and so I didn’t feel bad spending £4 on delivery for something that cost a whole £1.50 – and to use up some unaccessible £8 on my card – I bought a new powder brush too. Their actual powder brush had sold out, but they had the slightly larger Total Face brush for £1.50 too and I’m really not fussy.

Overall, the foundation brush was pretty average. It looks more expensive, but doesn’t really perform as something that would cost more than it did. Which I can’t really complain about, but I don’t get the hype that other bloggers have been on about. Though I may be new in technique so I might well grow to love it. Anyway – I’m using it now. So Mr Clinique Salesman can no longer tell me off!

Total Face Brush was again, not outstanding but it does the job. If I wanted a perfect result I’d spend £20. I don’t have that much, so this will suffice. They look good and do the job well enough for me, so I’ll keep them. Though I’ll defo be investing in a decent brush cleaner to keep them fresh. (Even though it’s probably cheaper to just buy new ones!)

Replicas, fakes and knock-offs.

Aren’t always terrible are they? Of course if you’re going for a designer look you’d want the real thing and I defo wouldn’t substitute quality over price. But on more affordable items, there are some similar looks that come up trumps as a matching bet.

A while ago, I popped these onto a wishlist.

Pumps, £28 Red Herring @ Debenhams

 At £28 they were a little more than I’d pay for ballet pumps, and when I checked later they were £15. But sold out in my size and not available in store either. So I sulked for a bit, before trundlign across the road for tights at Primark. Where I spotted near identical ones for just a fiver.

Knowing that Primark quality isn’t the best I did my usual trick when in Rome and bought two pairs. So when one pair is knackered in two weeks I still have a back up before they sell out. Even buying two pairs I saved myself a few quid and ended up with pretty much the same product. Hurrah!

Totally Rad Cake Baking Supreme

The other day was Rorys birthday. In true girlfriend tradition, I surprised him with a cake. Themed as one of his favourite films – Alien.


It even had a secret. The alien was made of a Twinkie! (his favourite) It went down fantastically with his friends and tasted yummy.


I love baking like this. ❤

May-Time Spends

It’s that familiar time again where I’m destined to plan a wishlist and jaunt to House of Fraser. Aside from the boring essentials (more coathangers, replacement dinner plates etc) I’ve decided this month and the next will be full of treats. Things I’ve lusted over for a while and either haven’t got the balls to pay for, or have spent months endlessly trying to find cheaper.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers Around £100, House of Fraser

A classic. Sunglasses season is almost upon us, and these will last a lifetime for trends, so are worth the price you pay.

Clinique 3 step Anti-Blemish Solutions – £20, House of Fraser

I won’t be the first to admit to having pretty terrible skin. I’ve heard good things about this 3-step program so I think I’ll take the hit and try it for myself.

Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers £20, House of Fraser.

My George@Asda 20p in the bargain bin curlers have needed replacing for a while. Since Chanel have stopped their limited edition, these have had fabulous reviews and will hopefully fit the bill.

Converse, £40 – Maybe not House of Fraser.

You used to be able to get these cheap with a bit of hunting. Those days are long gone, especially since the last place that ever sold them for £30 (D2) went into administration the day before I got paid after Christmas. I’ll have to splash the entire £40 which angers me as they won’t last all that long in 14 hour shifts.

And finally, one less spendy spends

Alphabet Bags Purse – Via Urban Outfitters

I haven’t used a purse since I was about 14. Everything in pockets, or a small bit of my bag. I haven’t seen a Radley I liked enough to pay out for, but this is very cute and much more affordable. (Especially when it’s in the sale for £7!)

Better start booking those overtime shifts I suppose.

An apology, an update and a rather cutie feline.

Firstly an apology. It’s been a whole three weeks since my last post which is pretty bad in my books. However, with things going completely haywire with copious tests at college, work nightmares (still) and the population of my flat doubling, I’ve been rather busy and lacking in motivation to post. So, to start I will introduce you to one of these wee obstacles.

Funky jim-jams and slippers combo going on there

We’ve named him Cheval. (Horse in French – also a character in my favourite film A Town Called Panic)

He came to us a couple of weeks back, hanging round the garden near the bins. Sat on the window meowing. It was freezing and raining out so we let him in. He was a bit grubby and obviously hungry. Being not our cat, we let him go for the night. He sat on the windowsil meowing. All night. We let him back in, and turfed him out again in the morning so he could find his way home in the light.

Marking his place in MY chair

I thought he might be lost, so checked the local online boards and found nothing. He disappeared for a few days but is back with us. We take him in for a few hours, feed and dry him and let him run. We’re probably a second home to him, and we’re happy to keep it up. he loves to snuggle up, and is bothersome in typical cat ways. He also thinks he’s a dog – running up and growling if someone knocks the door.

Obsessed with the warms of the laptop

So that’s our new feline friend. If you’re wondering, the other person adding to the flat-members crew is my friend from back home who has come to stay with us for a bit as he tries to look for a house in Glasgow again. No where near as cute mind…