Name: Donna

Alias: Fruitypanda

Age: 22

Partner in Crime: Rory, 23, social sciences student & Gaming N.E.R.D

Location: Glasgow, Scotland/London, England

Education: Nursing/Science

Employment: Forensic Mental Health/Ambulance Crew

Future: Doctor. Hopefully. lololololol.

Mission: To save dolla as a poor student, while representin’ the trendy homestylin’ crew.

Likes: Red hair, breakfast, retro gaming, hazelnut lattes, Ikea.

Dislikes: Metal music, Amazon packaging, lamb, buses.



So Donna, what can we expect from your blog?

Oh, a bit of DIY, a bit of cooking, and a whole lot of thrifting. I like to think of it as Donna’s moneysavingtips in pictures.

How did you get started on such an idea?

Well, I was bought up by a hippie and a biker. My childhood was far from normal. I wake up to Black Sabbath from the vinyl deck, and come home to new bedsheets sewn from vintage leftovers found in the attic. Car boot sales were a Sunday staple, and I now part with my money too easily, yet won’t pay for anything. It’s quite a talent.

So, how will you save us all money?

I’ll be sure to let you know of fabulous deals I see. I’ll also help you fit in with the current trends by the good old war time ‘Make do and Mend’ method of getting the good looking stuff you’re after without over-paying someone on etsy to do it for you.

And how would you describe your style?

Nerdy, with a bit of vintage. I’m not a hipster and my house isn’t made of designer goods, nor is it reclaimed, upcycled, and organic. Infact, it’s about 50% second hand and 50% Ikea. My fashion sense is all over the place. For work, it’s jeans, comfy tee shirt and whatever colour converse I fancy. Outside of that, I never really wear trousers. Cardigans are awesome.

Quirky style there. If you could go back to any style era, which would it be? 

It’s have to be the 50s. I love the dresses, and the upcoming use of colour and print. There wasn’t much in money, but the design industry began to boom. Men were still in power, but women knew everything. And I love my role of housewife.

Housewife eh? Will there be booze in this love fest?

We are students. Of course there will be.

Thanks, Donna. Shall we begin?