Excuse the pathetic excuse for a post, but to me this is real exciting. A second present from the in-laws, was something far more useful than the pretty robots. My very first Dyson! This was a donation from the fellas Gran who found it too heavy to carry round, so got an upright instead. It was a bit dusty, but hardly used and cleaned up very well.

Honestly, if you recover my Bebo account from when I was 15 or so, it even says how much it would mean to have a Dyson. Because I’m a little obsessed with cleanliness and they’re like a Ferarri in terms of housewife tools. So yeah, pretty excited. The floor was rigorously swept before it arrived (First time the in-laws had visited our house, had to be immaculate!) so I was a bit gutted to not actually be able to use it straight away. I still feel like it’s a grown up ‘achievement unlocked’!