Technically not presents, more gifts for our house because they currently sleep tucked away on top of a cupboard somewhere at his familys’ house – but today I was given these two robots. I think they’ll look fantastic on display and much better than beign tucked away.

The first is a toy Rory was bought when he was a child living in Hong Kong. He’s kept it throughout his childhood travels and bought it home to rest with us. It’s still got the $228 HKD price tag on the underside. (Though this didn’t photograph well!)

And I don’t think it’s ever actually been played with – so is in fantastic condition. A quick google tells me it’s relaly not worth that much, but it looks cute and is only for display.

The second robot isn’t quite as old though looks slightly vintage. It too originates from Hong Kong but is only a few years old and was a present from his sister who went out there. Everyone knows Bender, but the vintage style packaging keeps it from looking too nerdy. There’s plenty of that to come!

So it looks like another trip to IKEA, where I’ll be picking up a display cabinet. The fella has LOADS of boxed figures, and I’ll certainly be looking out for more robots to display. For now though, I think they look great on the bookcase.