I’m sure every girl has a wishlist tucked away of those dreamy items you see on celebrities, rich kids and the occasional blogs that just make you want them so bad. Well, I’ve decided I’m grown up enough to stop lusting and trying to find a rich man to spoil me, and to create a list of 5 key items that are well worth the money. I’ll be going to to London for most of summer, staying with my parents while I work. It could well be ambitious, but this is my summer to buy list. Somewhat generic and stuff that everybody wants, but these are genuine items I’ve thought about a lot and have really set my mind on buying. For myself. Like a little achievement, a gift to myself for working hard. Timeless pieces that will last and hopefully help with my professional look as I try to become a doctor.


1) Mulberry Alexa. Everyones wish list has this. If it doesn’t you probably already have one. To be honest though, it’s getting almost a little dated. The design is a few years old now, and I’m sure by the time I have enough to buy one there will be another it handbag. I’m nto sure though. Leather, should strap, big enough for a laptop and folder, with pockets for little crap. It’s got to have it.

2) Burberry Trench. The second most expensive purchase on the list is a classic British design that just looks so fabulous and classy. It’s expensive yes, but I’m sure it’ll last with proper care. It suits a million outfits and can be worn alone for spring and autumn, and still be roomy enough to wear over a jumper in winter. I don’t think this will ever go out of fashion either.

3) Michael Kors watch. A slightly more affordable piece, but I’e heard nothing but good things about these. They last well, look fabulous, and are easily recognisable. One slight downfall is the fact that after working in healthcare so long I’ve become incredibly used to ‘bare below the elbows’ so my current watch is stuck at the bottom of my handbag. As it has been for about 3 years as it’s looking a bit haggered. If I spend some decent money on a watch, I might just remember to wear it.

4) Links of London sweetie bracelet. Confession time. I feel sorta left out here. My parents spent a lot of money on uniforms, books, and petrol for the car to send me to a decent school. I didn’t have a summer holiday for years and never really had much for birthdays or Christmas as they tried to pay us through a decent education. So, at 22 years old – I don’t actually own any nice jewellery. A boyfriend when I was 18 bought me a nice silver bracelet once, but I managed to lose that at work. It wasn’t expensive anyway. So I’d really like something special. I’ll keep dropping hints for this one though.

5) Louboutins. Obvious ones really. If you work in London, power shoes are essential. Probably not great for shuffling the wards (Especially not psychiatric ones!!) but for special nights out it’s worth getting a decent pair. I have plenty of heels, but these are unmistakable. They’re renowned for being more comfortable to walk in and more fitted than cheap alternatives and would make a fantastic display piece in the house. I bet you’d feel incredible walking in them!




So, that’s a LOT of overtime needed. But working full time over summer, part time when I’m back and having a student loan to support myself. I reckon with controlled spending it could well be do-able. I can say goodbye to my weekends (extra pay!) but it’ll be so worth it when I’m dressed to kill.