I’m a massive fan of Ikea Hackers. If you haven’t seen the website you should defo check it out. Ikea stuff can be quite boring and similar, and any veterans like myself can spot any Expedit unit or Hemnes bed in any film. Some of the refurnishing on there is genius, and today I thought I’d share with you guys my cheaters attempt of this hack I saw the other day – without the need for drills, nuts and bolts!


Cost: £

Effort: 0

Skill: 0

Time: 5 minutes + Drying

You’ll need

A Stool


IKEA Marius, £3.49



Argos, £3.99

12″ Vinyl

Attic, Charity Shop, Yer Dad etc. Practically free.

Strong Glue

Your office, Poundland, Yer Dad etc. Practically free.

(Obviously, PVA isn’t much good – it’s merely for imagery, but a hot glue gun would be fantastic)

First thing to say is, the idea came from Ikea hackers, and while we do own 2 Maritus stools, they’re white and probably won’t look so good. The stools used in this post are from Argos.

This is really dead simple.

1) Get your stool.


2) Add Glue


3) Place Vinyl on top


4) Weigh that motha’ down.


Related note: Happy Birthday Gamecube! Who said consoles wouldn’t still be used 10 years later. >_>

5) After a few hours, you stool is ready for bums!

Wahey! 😀