As I mentioned in a pervious post I wasnted some hooks to hang coats on in the wardrobe and to fill up some empty wall space. I had planned on some white rose ones from Laura Ashley, but aside from them being sold out, I didn’t want to end up with a ‘vintage tea party’ house as they’re all looking a bit same-y these days. And I still have a man to please. Today I picked up these two star hooks for £2 each in a charity shop in the west end.

The charity shop that just happens to contain the entire contents of the Urban Outfitters sale. I showed some real self restraint by not buying more, though I will almost certainly be back tomorrow for some boots for a tenner and a root around the huge bag of goodies they hadn’t put out yet.

Here’s how they look after a bit of DIY.

Perfect for accessories

Or as intended, hanging coats.

Being a simple screw fitting they’re easy to install and I’ll be taking them with me to the next house too. I don’t think they cost much more in UO, but their current range, as well as in Laura Ashley and B&Q and such hasn’t really impressed me. But frankly I’m just happy to get it off this job off the to-do list!