After getting a telling off at the Clinique counter for not using a foundation brush, I had for a long time been looking for one that was reasonably priced (I’m not paying £20 for a brush from them as a student, given the percent of student loan they already take off me) and had good reviews. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about EFL cosmetics and their brushes and I thought for £1.50 I’d give it a go.

First thing to say.


Okay, I’m no enviro-freak or whatever, but there’s simply no need for that much. I bought 2 brushes in total. I shouldn’t have to collect them from the sorting office because the package doesn’t fit through the letterbox. (Mind  – the extra bubblewrap came in handy for stuffing boots with so they don’t go all lop-sided in the corridor, and the box is re-usable/recyclable but that’s not really the point) It’s not like they came from Amazon. Delivery was a little slow, and I find £4 cost for tiny items a little excessive.

As you can see, the individual brushes have nice packaging, the handles look professional and the brushes look slightly better than those you’d find in Poundland. (My powder brush totally isn’t one of thiers >_>) I ordered the foundation brush to start, and so I didn’t feel bad spending £4 on delivery for something that cost a whole £1.50 – and to use up some unaccessible £8 on my card – I bought a new powder brush too. Their actual powder brush had sold out, but they had the slightly larger Total Face brush for £1.50 too and I’m really not fussy.

Overall, the foundation brush was pretty average. It looks more expensive, but doesn’t really perform as something that would cost more than it did. Which I can’t really complain about, but I don’t get the hype that other bloggers have been on about. Though I may be new in technique so I might well grow to love it. Anyway – I’m using it now. So Mr Clinique Salesman can no longer tell me off!

Total Face Brush was again, not outstanding but it does the job. If I wanted a perfect result I’d spend £20. I don’t have that much, so this will suffice. They look good and do the job well enough for me, so I’ll keep them. Though I’ll defo be investing in a decent brush cleaner to keep them fresh. (Even though it’s probably cheaper to just buy new ones!)