Aren’t always terrible are they? Of course if you’re going for a designer look you’d want the real thing and I defo wouldn’t substitute quality over price. But on more affordable items, there are some similar looks that come up trumps as a matching bet.

A while ago, I popped these onto a wishlist.

Pumps, £28 Red Herring @ Debenhams

 At £28 they were a little more than I’d pay for ballet pumps, and when I checked later they were £15. But sold out in my size and not available in store either. So I sulked for a bit, before trundlign across the road for tights at Primark. Where I spotted near identical ones for just a fiver.

Knowing that Primark quality isn’t the best I did my usual trick when in Rome and bought two pairs. So when one pair is knackered in two weeks I still have a back up before they sell out. Even buying two pairs I saved myself a few quid and ended up with pretty much the same product. Hurrah!