It’s that familiar time again where I’m destined to plan a wishlist and jaunt to House of Fraser. Aside from the boring essentials (more coathangers, replacement dinner plates etc) I’ve decided this month and the next will be full of treats. Things I’ve lusted over for a while and either haven’t got the balls to pay for, or have spent months endlessly trying to find cheaper.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers Around £100, House of Fraser

A classic. Sunglasses season is almost upon us, and these will last a lifetime for trends, so are worth the price you pay.

Clinique 3 step Anti-Blemish Solutions – £20, House of Fraser

I won’t be the first to admit to having pretty terrible skin. I’ve heard good things about this 3-step program so I think I’ll take the hit and try it for myself.

Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers £20, House of Fraser.

My George@Asda 20p in the bargain bin curlers have needed replacing for a while. Since Chanel have stopped their limited edition, these have had fabulous reviews and will hopefully fit the bill.

Converse, £40 – Maybe not House of Fraser.

You used to be able to get these cheap with a bit of hunting. Those days are long gone, especially since the last place that ever sold them for £30 (D2) went into administration the day before I got paid after Christmas. I’ll have to splash the entire £40 which angers me as they won’t last all that long in 14 hour shifts.

And finally, one less spendy spends

Alphabet Bags Purse – Via Urban Outfitters

I haven’t used a purse since I was about 14. Everything in pockets, or a small bit of my bag. I haven’t seen a Radley I liked enough to pay out for, but this is very cute and much more affordable. (Especially when it’s in the sale for £7!)

Better start booking those overtime shifts I suppose.