Firstly an apology. It’s been a whole three weeks since my last post which is pretty bad in my books. However, with things going completely haywire with copious tests at college, work nightmares (still) and the population of my flat doubling, I’ve been rather busy and lacking in motivation to post. So, to start I will introduce you to one of these wee obstacles.

Funky jim-jams and slippers combo going on there

We’ve named him Cheval. (Horse in French – also a character in my favourite film A Town Called Panic)

He came to us a couple of weeks back, hanging round the garden near the bins. Sat on the window meowing. It was freezing and raining out so we let him in. He was a bit grubby and obviously hungry. Being not our cat, we let him go for the night. He sat on the windowsil meowing. All night. We let him back in, and turfed him out again in the morning so he could find his way home in the light.

Marking his place in MY chair

I thought he might be lost, so checked the local online boards and found nothing. He disappeared for a few days but is back with us. We take him in for a few hours, feed and dry him and let him run. We’re probably a second home to him, and we’re happy to keep it up. he loves to snuggle up, and is bothersome in typical cat ways. He also thinks he’s a dog – running up and growling if someone knocks the door.

Obsessed with the warms of the laptop

So that’s our new feline friend. If you’re wondering, the other person adding to the flat-members crew is my friend from back home who has come to stay with us for a bit as he tries to look for a house in Glasgow again. No where near as cute mind…