Our flat is very nearly completely furnished. While I’m happy with this, there’s still a few things I’d like to resolve. Storage isn’t an issue here, it’s a big flat, with 2 large cupboards. We don’t have all that much stuff to cram in, so it’s not too bad at the moment. Luckily, it’s smaller issues that I plan to tackle.

Issue 1:

The kitchen. Plenty of cupboards for all my crockery and food. However, my cutlery drawer is a bit, um. Well it looks like this.

Horrific I know. So first on the list is a cutlery tray.

£10 IKEA.

Issue 2.

Not so much an issue, as I do have places to store my pots and pans and such, but I do feel the empty wall space here:

Isn’t really being used very well. I’d love to pop a shelf in there, and maybe some hooks underneith. Unfortunately, this seems to be a no-go since it’s an exterior wall and I’m not drilling into that on a rental agreement. (Or without a significant drill I might add)

Issue 3.

Cupboard number one. The larger of the two, and without a water heater stuffed in it. As you can see, it’s a terrible mess of boxes stack on top of one another with every other bit of crap lobbed on top.

A simple and cheap solution is the ALBERT shelving system I’d like to stick in. It’ll organise things onto shelves meaning I won’t have to pull out everything to get to the bottom. Again, it’s plain wood so can be painted to fit in whatever theme I decide later too. Because the cupboard is cornered, the space at the side will give me room for my larger items and a Dyson when we get round to buying one.

£12.99 IKEA

Issue 4.

Towels. Currently, they’re being placed on top of the water heater, and don’t really have a place. (Hence there’s no picture) I don’t actually have room in my bathroom for any large shelving system, so maybe just a wicker basket like this:

would suffice to store them away. It’s white, but can be painted too. Towels rolled up and stored vertically in matching colours will look rather sweet.

£10 TU @ Sainsburys

Issue 5:

The television. What an eyesore it has been for the last 6 months, sitting uncomfortably on a tiny stand that is slowly burning holes into the carpet under the weight!

Thanks to the guys over at IKEA hackers (link) I’ll be snapping up an expedit combo, and making something like this for it.

Though i would hope when the room is finished for our next flat it would look more like:

Hopefully it’ll do away with cable issues, give us some hidden storage for controllers, and being a TV unit that’s actually far longer than television, we’ll have room for consoles to be places either side. (And there’s a few of them)

Expedit 5×1 £19.99, Capita legs £8 for 4, and inserts £18 each all Ikea

Issue 6:

Not so much of an issue again, but I’d like somewhere for guests to hang their coats alongside the rails.

And agian, the wall space here looks a bit empty, so coats should even the space up a bit.

For £6.45 in Laura Ashley (pair), two of these should fill the gap and look fabulous too.

Hopefully once these are in place, I’ll be much happier. A new bin for the kitchen – I’m thinking one in cream maybe – for recycling and more coathangers for the rails would help out a bit too.