I’m getting good at buying things, not so good at finding imaginative post names for them. I’ll make it quick.

I saw this picnic basket in Tesco the other day. It was reduced from £20 to £10. The reason? it was missing a plate. One single plate. One single, plain white side plate. And they knock £10 off? I can get behind that. It’s a plain design, so should be easy to find something to pop in, and it’s only cutlery and cups that are being matched so I could put in whatever I like really. For £10 it was a great deal for summer picnics.


Unfortunately for us Scots, summer is over. It’s back to harsh winds and threats of snow. So the picnic bit is at a loss. The basket is still fully functional mind. I took the crockery out and stuck it away in the kitchen. The basket now resides in the spare room as a holder of accessories. Woo.


Now I just need to look out for a massive mirror and my ‘wardrobe’ shall be complete. Woohoo.