I love nerdy things. I study Pure Maths, Chemistry and Physics so when someone tells an electron joke, the fact that other people don’t get it is usually way more funny than the joke itself.

So I’ve made a wee collection of goodies I’d like to fill my home with.

Vintage Anatomical Posters

These have been used excessively in interior design blogs, and lucky for me I have access to a few originals from my old work teaching. Being a charity based in the same building we started renting around 1964, we found tons of goodies up in the loft. When we downsized to a much nicer (and warmer) place in the new fire station it meant we had to get rid of all the old supplies clogging up 3 floors, and compile the essentials into a small office and an even smaller storage cupboard. Some stuff was out of date, and had been replaced so wasn’t any good for teaching these days. Infact so of our stuff turned out to be so old we donated it to the St John Ambulance museum in London. Anyways, in my rummaging I did manage to pick out a few old dusty textbooks which aren’t bad actually. Anatomy doesn’t really change over the years and it’s interesting to read about the potential for IVF babies in a book when you know of the advances since it’s been published. Old books always make for a nice display. Especially in theme with the posters or art work you have on display.

If you don’t happen to have access to an old medical teaching supplies, you can buy original vintage and reproduction stuff on the internet easily.

Vintage Bottles and Jars

I love what Jack Wills have done with apothecary bottles in their stores at the moment. Not sure what the hell it has to do with overpriced British fashion mind.

Anatomical Models 

As well as posters and bottles, there’s nifty models which can look fantastic on a bookcase or shelf, and are far more interesting than deer, rabbits and your grans porcelain whatevers that everyone seems to have these days. To me they’re educational, and I used some with my teaching. I just think they look cool. Brand new, or vintage. Even if your full size chest happens to be missing a lung… (I’ll get a picture when I go back. It was slightly too heavy to drag to Scotland, but I will make a home for it.)

If you’re after something more gruesome, there’s plenty of bones for sale. Slightly more animal than human, but skulls seem to be quite big now. As are large apothecary and bell jars to store them in.

Laboratory Equipment

Along with the glass jars, lab equipment can be used in the home in a variety of ways. There’s laboratory inspired everything on think geek. Or you could try ebay or google you local lab siupplies place. I’m thinking test tubes for single flowers, or flasks as vases. Flasks with stoppers as decanters for spirits or oils. Kibble bubble kits as a lightshade. Test tube holder for a steak knife rack? Lab beakers as well, beakers. You can be real imaginative with this one!

Medical Instruments

In addition to the teaching supplies, if you’re feeling real brave you could go for the more full on medical instruments. There’s a great selection, but quite how you’d display them I’m not entirely sure. Maybe hang a few in a row on the wall or in a frame? I haven’t a clue. They’re just nice to admire I reckon.

Something Special

If you happen to be after something on a larger, slightly more noticable scale, how about a skeleton. Following on from the anatomical models point, you can pick up a life size skeleton for about £100 online. Great for halloween. Can be accessoried for any holiday infact. Could potentially cause nightmares mind.

Finally, we have my absolute favourite. I’m trying to justify spending my entire first months student loan on it, and despite the common sense of being poor – this thing is winning. For anyone who has seen the Big Bang theory, you may have noticed next to Sheldon and Leonards front door is a tall as a human DNA structure.

I’ve wanted one since I first saw the show, but all I’ve come across was the Molymod sets you get to play with in class. to make a 6 foot one, would be

1) Very expensive

2) Very time consuming

3) Very unstable.

However, with the power of the internet I have found the company that supplied the show. Yours for $1200.

Buy it here: http://www.indigo.com/models/gph-dna-models/17-layer-dna-model.html

Pure nerdity.