I am posting from the magnificent Kelvingrove park. On the grass. In the sun. With a cold beer. All my uni work has been finished, and I’m officially free for Easter. Things don’t come much better than this.

Though, this mornings bargain of the day comes sorta close. I was trundling off to the train this morning, when sat outside my local shop i spotted a wooden fruit crate. The kind that is popular these days and seem to be costiong a fortune – Which is why I haven’t got one yet. I popped in and made sure it belonged to the shop, and that they were actually throwing it out. She said yes and I quickly ran back home with it. And took a shoddy picture for you.

It needs a clean, maybe to be sanded a little, yes. I’m undecided whether to leave it au natural or paint it up mind.

Oh, and that nice cardigan I mentioned was still tucked away in the back of the shop. It’s now mine!! 😀