It’s that end of the month feeling, and after not being paid last week as I was expecting I’m really feeling it. I have a grand total of £1.04 in my bank, train fare to college tomorrow, and an emergency fiver for when the leccy runs out (I will make it last till Friday!) Aside from those essentials, I have a hearty £2 actual spends for the next 2 days. I have plenty of food, and no plans so I’ll be absolutely fine. I’m surely not the only student that goes through this once in a while.

Still, being poor doesn’t stop me getting a bargain. So on the way home from college, I did my usual pop round the charity shops to see what was on offer – make a we elist of things to hopefully go and collect at the weekend when I have money to buy them. I did see a lovely beige vintage man cardigan but it was £4. It’s been ridiculously sunny for the last few days so I’m sure it can wait two days. (Of course I rummaged it to the back of a messy section so nobody else could find it between now and then) But the one treasure I did see that absolutely couldn’t wait till payday – because the vintage shop next door would certainly have snapped it up and sold it for 10 times the price – was my new pink enamel cake tin for a pound.

It needed a bit of a wash, but it scrubs up fantastic. Unfortunately, there’s no markings, so I can’t decide where it’s from or how much it would have cost. But it’s sorta heavy and very sturdy so I’d assume it’s quite well made. Not that it matters really. Cakes don’t really last long enough to be put in a tin in our house and for a pound I’m not going to argue. Which leaves me £1 to spend on a pack of custard creams and a pint of milk for my tea. Your mother would be proud.