For once, I had a weekend off from work, class, assignments and to-do lists. And even had money to go out too. Such a rare occurence was blessed with a trip over to Edinburgh for some sight seeing and shopping. Unfortunately, the camera battery I left on charge all night wasn’t actually plugged in so there’s no evidence of just how sunny it was in Scotland in March. However, when Ii got home I took pictures of the good we’d picked up. The idea was to go shopping for the fella since he’d been moaning about his lack of clothes, though we ended up going home after 2 hours because he was tired. So aside from new Converse to replace his ruined ones, and 3 of the same hoodies from H&M we only grabbed a handful of DVDs and a coffee (And an Aberdeen Angus burger for him) I did hope to pick up that fox ring I mentioned below from Aubin and Wills, but they’d all sold out. I was sad. Even more so, because the sole reason I chose to go to Edinburgh then was to buy one from the only stockists in Scotland! 😦

Sunday we woke up late, myself with a banging headache. But the sunshine out was too good to miss, so I tottered down to the west end for a walk. Found a craft fair where I picked up a butterfly necklace for £1.50.  Also got this WonderWoman book for £3.

And this rather smashing punch and judy money tin for 75p. (with butterfly necklace just seen behind)

So, how was your weekend?