Firstly I must apologise for the unexpected blogging hiatus. Between quitting my job, and ressurecting my old one 400 miles away, actually making it to class, where I must have sat about 15 exams in the last 2 weeks, I’ve been rather too busy to work on any projects, buy stuff, or cook a proper dinner. Sorry.

However, this morning I did get a very special delivery, which I hinted at in a previous post. It’s a complete bargain of the century.

The man chair. In my mind – an essential to every home. Especially since I’ve taken over decorating, it’s difficult to make a house look like it has two owners. I’ve dedicated the lounge to him. Mostly because it’s bloody difficult to give a chic, vintage look to a room with a 50inch plasma, 3 consoles, and racks of DVDs. I don’t like hiding things away, so I’m leaving the lounge area a manly, modern feature.

The chair is something I’ve been after for a while. I wanted one that’s not quite an Eames, and defo without the pricetag. I had set planned on saving £500 over the summer and getting a fancy ones for our new house when we move. Then I spotted this for £40. It had to be mine.

It’s ever so comfortable, lounges back, and has a great view of the telly. Perfect for relaxing. And such a good price. I’m very happy, and I’m sure he will be too.

Much love!