Last Christmas my fella was blessed with this rather dashing example of middle aged menswear.

For a 22 year old who at the other end of the scale to myself, dressing in Ralph Lauren polos and Fred Perry jumpers (Student loan well spent) it was politely recieved and quickly returned with the thankfully included gift receipt. Next isn’t a place where he shops, and no matter how many nice enough things I pointed out he wasn’t interested. So eventually I felt little guilt in spending the gift card money on myself. To be fair I spent more than that on a new game for him yesterday, so it kinda evens out.

I’m quite uninspired in Next, unless it’s homewares which I’ve bought everything I’m interested in already. I decided I needed some new black shoes for work, and had been after some of the new loafer style ones for a while. So I picked some up for £22. I also found a nice jumper, that looked quite good worn baggy in a larger size.

(Excuse the awkward pose, I’m not used to this thing just yet!)

Jumper NEXT, Jeans UNIQLO, Shoes NEXT

Love the horse print on the inside!

Rather good exchange, and not all selfish since the shoes are actually for work (well needed!), and not merely to look good. And I only had to pay £8 extra for them both. 🙂