Quick update to show all the goodies I’ve picked up in the last week.

1. Flask £4.50 Urban Outfitters – I’d been thinking about getting a flask for a while, but decided I wouldn’t use it. Spent £7 on tea in 2 days at college and deicided it was time to justify that. It’s a very pretty thing, and I have used it, even if not for College. I’ve been ill and stuck in bed, which has limited my tea-making abilities. Flask = Constant stream of warm tea at the bedside adn I only have to get up once. Winner.

2. Drawers £1.50 Charity Shop – They’re a little ‘rustic’ for my liking, but they have great potential. I’m thinking replacing the nasty flowers with a world map. I don’t know. It stores crap. For £1.50. Me likey.

3. Jug £1 Poundland. This is a bargain. Okay it’s not perfect, but it’s Poundland. It’s bang on trend, and the colour looks fantastic in my kitchen. You’d pay a lot more elsewhere for basically the same thing. Might pick up another one and spray it white.

4. Selby Book £7 Urban Outfitters – Technically, I bought this last week. But between work and college I haven’t had a chance to look at it till now. Granted all the pictures are on his blog, but who cares. £7 for a book that was originally £22, that looks fantastic on the coffee table. Fine by me.

5. Diary £9 WH Smith – Okay, so I’m two months late (and slightly raging at still having to pay full price for a diary when it’s nearly March), but this looks good. I always go to Smiths for a good quality diary, and £9 for a years worth of notes isn’t bad. It’s so pretty and retro.

6. Blackadder Book – £1.50 (inc delivery) Amazon – I love Blackadder. It’s all the scripts, and i probably won’t read it, but it makes me feel good to have it.

Happy Shopping!