Today I popped onto a train up the Clyde to Greenock, where the fella studies, and the in-laws stay. It’s also home to the only Wilkinson I know of in Scotland, which means I can get my DIY stuff dirt cheap. The train journey up is quite nice (if you ignore Woodhall and the Port it is anyway) and the view along the Clyde  is quite lovely. Unfortunately, I was going up to collect the camera fella had been using for his own blog (video games if anyone/their fellas are interested) so I couldn’t get any pictures. But I shall do next time as it really is worth posting about. (If Scarlett Johannsen can get a movie role filmed there, it’s gotta be alright.)

Anyways, being payday my thoroughly restrained self popped into New Look to see what’s left of the sale items. I didn’t have anything in mind, and ended up in the childrens section, which is always a delight as kids these days seem to dress more and more like adults, with the older girls sizes coming up at regular adult size. I picked up a nice enough B&W star print dress for £4.

I then trundled along to the mens section. I always try to treat the fella, and figured with pyjamas on sale I should pick him some up. It saves him/his mates pinching mine all the time. (big lads squeezing their giblets into tiny flowery girl pyjamas while drunk – quite a sight to see I tell you!) I found some TMNT pyjama bottoms for £6, and snagged some robot/Spiderman socks for £1 each. If you haven’t guessed, fella is an absolute comic book nerd. So these went down almost as well as the KFC I bought him at lunch.

I headed up the the back of the store where the dregs of sale items were held, when I hit the holy grail of sale rails. £1 bargains. Racks of them. I did show some restraint, in buying only stuff I would have paid reasonable amount for. I could have bought loads of basics for winter, and some nice stuff in different sizes and flog them on, but I didn’t want to carry crap all day. I managed to find a few dresses, a top and a couple of sleepwear items. Grabbed a wee brown leather belt on my way out, as I’ve been needing one that fits the underbust for a while.

Off to the checkout I went with my arms full of goodies. The damage: £22. Very pleased with that.

– Please excuse the state of the pictures. While trying to decorate the house, we have little room to hang things. So you’ll have to ignore the xbox/baby picture/stray bottle of JD poking through the gaps! I’ll try to get some pictures of me in the clothes when the fella is back to take them as I’m sure they’ll be a lot nicer.

On closer inspection, some things might not fit fantastically (I picked up size 6-10) and some I might not even wear. But, for £1, I’ve hardly wasted money. That and they’re all quite good looking, adn summer orientated clothes, so it would be easy enough to sell them on if I decide I don’t like them.

I did pick up a  few others essentials on my travels. Finally bought a collander for £2(I’m sick of trying to scrub bits of boiled potato out of my sieve) but I’m still raging as it doesn’t match my fabulous red kitchen. My new Mason adn Cash ramekins do though, and they were on offer in Tesco at just £2.50. I’m painting my bed tonight, so I picked up some brushes, a tray, and some turps. Got asked for ID at the counter for which didn’t really make sense. I’m clearly not off to sniff the stuff when I’m spending £15 on a rather large can of paint. In the end, I went for the lighter colour than the one shown a few posts down. Now I just have to move the bed in order to get it painted.


I shall update tomorrow with progress of the bed situation. I can’t wait for it to be finished!


Much love xx