Since I started painting the bed, we’ve been relegated to the spare room, and have found it increasingly difficult to keep the bedroom and spare room clean. After buying oodles more clothes on Friday, lack of space was becoming a problem. I’d been meaning to buy a new wardrobe since I moved in, but never quite got to it. Situation was getting dire, till last night I decided that if I was going to be able to tidy my house, I’d need to buy more coathangers and storage. So off to Ikea I popped. I had planned to go on Friday, but if I didn’t get things done then, the mess would have drove me insane.

I picked up the bench despite being on offer, and therefore sold out according to the website. I was happy with this and considered buying two, but decided against it. I’ll pick up another next month instead of trying to lug them home together. As mentioned in the wish list, I wanted a chair for the bedroom. No such luck (despite having plenty of stock according to the website!) they were all sold out. I did see a similar chair for the same price, but it was only available in black. I wasn’t going half a mile back to the showroom to see if it was actual wood that can be painted, or just plasticy stuff so I skipped it. I’ll keep looking around the furniture shops for a plain wood chair I can paint up instead.

I got home and dug out the old tin of red paint found in the storage cupboard. Had a great job of trying to screw the bloody thing together, so gave up on tightening the last few, and painted it as it is. I’ll know for next time to paint it upside down, then flip it over, as trying to paint the underside with damp bits on top get very messy. And I’m far too impatient to wait and do it in two lots.

Whilst in Ikea I picked up a few other bits. As mentioned, my wardrobe isn’t big enough. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that might be difficult to move, or co-ordinate with when we move house, so I opted for two cheap white clothes rails at £8 each. And loads of coathangers. (You might just spy my new fur coat, and my DIY glitter shoes I’ll be making posts about later)

I also found in the bargain corner, these cardboard Christmas lights for 50p each. They don’t look fantastic and I don’t have much use for them, but the little battery operated lights could come in handy. I had a project that needed them, but now I can’t remember what it is. So for 50p each, I picked up 3 to use for a DIY project at a later date.

I didn’t buy my mugs however. I saw them, but wasn’t sure how I would get them home without smashing them, and by this time I was kinda worried about my spending. I shouldn’t have worried, I actually left underbudget and didn’t get anything I couldn’t carry home on the bus so saved a tenner taxi fare too. Should have picked them up, but nevermind. I’ll go again soon for them and more coathangers for the fellas clothes.

So, that’s the house coming together nicely. The storage problem has been addressed so tidying can commence. Well, if there wasn’t so much wet paint around maybe…