Another day spent tucked up in bed with a sore head leads me to browsing home decor blogs and thinking about what we can do to make our rental home feel more like ours. I share a flat in glasgow with my boyfriend, we’ve lived here 6 months and we’ve only just got the bare furnishings in place! However, this place was only ever going top be a stepping stone home. It’s cheap, it’s got a few knocks in the corner, and it took a whole 2 hours to become ours. I was still working 400miles away and needed a place to live for the next week, so quite literally threw a deposit to some landlord on Gumtree and picked up the keys with a car full of belongings the day we drove up. I certainly would not advise this as a course of action if you’re looking to move home, but desperate times and all that. We could have done a lot worse!

Anyway, with the basic furniture in (aside from a stand for the TV which is still looking very unstable on a wee side table we found in one of the cupboards! – I have my idea planned, and will present it as my very first Ikea hack shortly) we’re looking at buying decorative things, and finishing touches. Again, this isn’t a permanent house. Since we’re paying peanuts for rent even as students, it’s giving us some extra cash to put into making the leap from poorly furnished student flatshares, to grown ups renting, or possibly buying, our own unfurnished house. Our next move will be towards the end of summer, where we will spend a decent amount of time actually viewing places, making sure they fit the list of requirements. I’m flexible around most, as long as I’ve got plain walls and wood floor (and decent heating for the Scottish winters!) I’ll be happy.

So, this morning I’ve been looking for some payday buys for the house, and included a few bits I’ve been lusting over for a while that might have to wait till I can actually justify buying them.



1. Mugs – I do have a slight shortage of mugs, but never get round to buying them. I was presented a cup of tea in one of these at the hairdressers, that resulted in me downing my cuppa and waiting for my hairdresser to run and get supplies so I could flip the empty cup over and see where they were from. They look a bit more designer than Ikea, so I’ll defo be picking these up.

2. Paint – Being a rental house, there will be no feature walls for me. However, on a plain white background a splash of colour on something else will help brighten up a room. This paint will be used on my bed. And probably a few other things, but I don’t want to overdo it.

3.  Bench – I’ve been eyeing this up for a while, and I’m glad I waited as it’s now part of Februarys Ikea Family deal in Glasgow and has £2 knocked off. I think I might buy two and place them side by side in my hallway. There’s some fabulous bright red paint in the storage cupboard that would make these look great. I might even ‘hack’ them and add more rows of wood in the middle and make a shoe rack. You can never have enough shoe storage.

4. Juicer – One for the wish list that I’ll eventually get round to buying. I’ve admired this for years, so simple, yet elegant. Does the job of juicing but also acts as a piece of art for your kitchen worktop. The thing that sells it for me though, is the fact I’m constantly reminded of the film The War Of The Worlds. And I love that film.

5. Stool – I have one of these in my kitchen already. Another piece of simple yet elegant design, that always goes down well with visitors. I’d like to accumulate a collection, to place around a dining table. Brilliant – as they open in half and stack inside each other for storage too.

6. – Spoons – I did have a few of these, but they went missing when I last moved house. Distinct from other spoons in the staff room if yours tend to go missing, and useful for getting the last drops out of jars. Infact, I’ll be using mine not only with my latte glasses, but with a mason jar breakfast filled with granola, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

7. Lamp – I love the tripod lamp thing going on at the moment. This one looks very sleek, and is a reasonable price to pay for quality you’d get from John Lewis. This remains as a maybe purchase as they have sold out of the colour used in their magazine, a brilliant teal shade. I could buy it as a base, and find or make a replacement shade in the colour I really want, but that would be a lot of effort and expense.

8. Chair – £13 for a solid wood dining chair. It’s a bargain. Except it won’t be used in it’s traditional seating sense (unless we have lots of visitors!) See, I picked up a lovely modern looking side table, that would look fantastic next to the bed. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to seek a matching table for the other side, and a different style table would just look out of place. I’ve seen a lot of blogs using chairs to stack books on beside the bed, so I shall be buying my chair to do just that.

So that’s my February wish list for you. I’ll be back in a week with the results of my shopping trip, and the bedroom that will finally be finished.


Much love.